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The AHS team provides regulatory and legal support as a complement to its innovative and practical technical and business solutions. Our regulatory knowledge is based on a thorough understanding of state-specific and local regulatory requirements and guidelines, coupled with years of practical experience with both regulations and the regulators.

AHS staff meets frequently with regulators to share information that advances the needs of our clients. Members of our staff have been elected by several professional organizations to act as the main environmental liaison between industry and state regulatory agencies, and in this capacity have helped to develop and modify environmental rules and regulations. This experience is shared with our clients so that they are up-to-date with the latest environmental rules, regulations, and trends.

AHS provides expert witness services on water resource, petroleum cleanup, and hazardous waste issues. We translate highly technical, scientific information into real and practical terms. We interpret technical information so your attorney can provide the best legal advice on pursuing or settling chemical and environmental litigation. Our services in this area include:

  • Expert witnesses and opinions
  • Technical support for attorneys handling environmental cases
  • Regulatory research, document preparation, and support
  • Regulatory agency meeting guidance